Tips when you are styling queen/king bed

The most frequent question we get from our customers is to help them with the pillow combinations for their rooms. It is exciting to mix and match different patterns, colors, designs, sizes and style them together. 

Choose 24x24 covers that not only lie in the color of the bedroom, but also timeless classics that you won’t have to switch out often.

For a modern or farmhouse look we created a collection of all favorite versatile, neutral staples. These pillow covers not only flow with our entire collection, but pair together beautifully as well. We recommend our striped linen covers - Megan, Karina, Kristina, Logan Merlin, Camilla, Valentina. The French linen plaid cover is also a great choice. If you want fuller look, you can do two 24x24, two or three 22x22 or 20x20, one 16x24 or 14x42.

Larger pillows or “staples” ground the look and tie the pillow vignette together. Those pillows are everyday staples, they are more universal for many styles and occasions. “Staple” covers should then be your investment pieces. If you are going to spend a bit more on a style you LOVE, let it be here. These pillows can be neutral, versatile and can be kept out year round. Add 20x20, 22x22, or 16x24 in front of the large pillows for the fuller look. These 22x22, 20x20 or/and 16/24 or 14x42 pillows calls “seasonal”. As the seasons flow through the year, switch out your smaller pillows (not your entire collection). These seasonal covers might be more “trendy” pieces. As your collection of pillows grows, you can add in more. We created a big collection of “seasonal” pillow covers that you can find in our “Prints and Basics” section of our on-line store.

Make sure you are using a 26x26 insert with your 24x24 covers.

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