Why vintage grain sack pillow so special

Grainsacks fabrics became very popular these days for home decor. You can meet grain sack fabrics in pillows, upholstery, table runners, stairs runners, storage baskets or other elements of decor. Grain sack fabric is a vintage fabric, it was handmade in Europe over 100 years ago in late 1800’s to early 1900’s. The fabric is made from hemp and linen fibers and decorated with red, blue, green, caramel, black or indigo stripes. This fabric comes in rolls that is approximately 20 inches wide and people was stitched by hand. Some families personalized their grain sacks with the embroidered initials so their sacks were easily identified.

Antique grain sack is a popular design trend that is used in many decor styles:

  • Cottage
  • Boho
  • French Country
  • Farmhouse
  • Shabby Chick

Where to find real antique vintage grain sack fabric?

Vintage grain sacks are available in limited supplies. European  distributors searching antique grain sacks all over eastern Europe. Since grain sacks are limited, they are not produced nowadays and can be called “one-of-a-kind”, they are pricey and in a high demand. When we started looking for this fabric, we knew this could be a challenge.

 If you are lucky, you can hunt for the antique grain sacks in the antique malls and shops, you can also found them at large antique shows and markets. If you traveling to Europe, you can find then in the flea markets of Sweden, Austria, France or Poland. We sourcing our grain sacks from Europe, carefully handpicking the best grain sacks, deconstruct them and make from them our pillows in house.

We love red, blue, black and caramel striped grain sacks. 

Their natural textures and colors perfectly pair with unbleached cotton canvas to create luxury accent pillows for your house. We recommend more neutrally colored striped pillows, such as black, blue,  or caramel-brown, as a daily decor for your living room and bedroom. Red and greed stripped pillows add a stunning view of your house for some occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentines day, or St Patrias day. They can also be a perfect gift for the housewarming party or wedding.

We welcome you to visit our vintage grain sack collection in our shop.